Build people and community, one shift at a time. 

On-demand staffing
A unique startup connecting people
to businesses willing 
to give them second chances.

Get-By W-2 Employees: We cover the workers comp, and liability of hiring, qualifying workers will be bonded by fidelity bonds.  

How does it work: You need staff, we do the paperwork, you connect with workers who need positive social supports, and want to work.

Employment has a massive impact on the likelihood of recidivism, if a person doesn’t find a job after getting out of jail, they’re more likely to go back to jail. Plain and simple. 

Get-By provides our employees temporary work opportunities that allow them to build themselves up as they decide which path to take moving forward.

Our Service

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List a Shift Request

Describe the expectations you have for the worker you need. What role will they play while at your business? Are there any clothing requirements? Do you require a background check for this position? Etc.

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Workers Commit

Workers commit to the shifts they feel the most qualified to fill. Over time through successful completion, they build new skills to offer future clients.

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Review & Repeat

At the end of every shift clients can review their experience with workers, and workers can review their experience with clients. Ensuring feedback from both sides to educate the platform on preferred matches.

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“Dimitrios was quick to pick up tasks around our manufacturing facility. He gave 110% effort throughout the day. We'd be happy to work with him again.”

Megan Militello, CEO Elevated Oats


We are a bootstrapped labor marketplace startup with a formerly incarcerated founder.

At Get-By we know that people who have made mistakes are capable of doing extraordinary things if given the opportunity to shine. 


Whether you’re curious about the platform or app, how it works, or even press, we’re here to answer any questions.

Reach us at:, 907.229.6732

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